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Astrologia predictivă. Astrologia predictivă din tradiţia vestică foloseşte două metode principale: tranzitele astrologice şi progresiile astrologice. În tranzitele astrologice mişcările în curs ale planetelor sunt interpretate în funcţie de semnificaţia lor în tranzitul lor prin spaţiu şi horoscop. În progresiile astrologice horoscopul avansează în timp conform metodelor stabilite. În astrologia vedică, focalizarea se face pe...

May 12, 2020Astroby horoscop

The ruler of dreamy, sensitive Pisces, Neptune has the second strongest gravity in the solar system after Jupiter. No wonder Piscean people have such a magnetic pull! With its perpetual storms and active climate, Neptune is known for whipping up drama and confusion. It can have a disorienting effect, making it hard to stay in touch.

What do the astrological fire signs have in common? People born under the fire signs of leo, sagittarius and aries are often described as out-going, enthusiastic, and often dramatic. They frequently prefer to do things on a grand scale and/or may be described as having a 'larger than life' personalities.